History of aesthetic medecine & surgery: Aethetic medecine and surgery have their origins in plastic surgery

New adbominoplasty : A Tummy Tuck is a surgical procedure by means of which we can improve the appearance of the abdomen when there is an excess of fat and skin tissue
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Aesthetic physiotherapy after a lifting :
After an operation of aesthetic surgery, the procedure to be followed by the patient will be to come to the clinic as prescribed (every two days approximately) to be treated by the appropriate team of professionals
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Aesthetic dentistry & smile analysis :

When people want to reverse the aging process and achieve a more
youthful appearance, they visit a plastic surgeon. However, a key element to achieving a more youthful appearance is rejuvenating the smile, which is at the center of the face and bone structure

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Filling in of fine lines, deep lines and creases :
“ Adverse reactions to
hyaluronic acid are very rare.
Personally I have never seen
any cases, neither amongst my
patients or those of any other

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